We are Florida outdoorsmen combatting mismanagement & pressure by advocating for ecosystem restoration, full freezers, & tight lines.

We love Florida for providing us with crazy experiences and fulfilling opportunities.

The opportunities sometimes get hindered by hunting and fishing pressure, poor accessibility, and mismanagement of resources. This can be frustrating.

Regardless we believe you should be able to responsibly take from the ecosystem and feel good about it by giving more than what you take as is the case with nearly all legal, recreational hunting and fishing.

We understand the frustration of waking up at 3:30a.m. and failing to hunt the area you scouted due to insane pressure or driving two hours out of your way to avoid random closures while watching the development of nearby wetlands that were closed to hunting.

That is why Glades Hunter exists. Glades Hunter is run by a licensed Florida land use attorney, public land hunter and freedive spearfisherman.

Glades Hunter agrees to research topics thoroughly, listen to and consider your feedback, and advocate for policy that increases opportunities, combats mismanagement, and alleviates pressure on our ecosystems.

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6) Together we re-establish ourselves as the leaders of Florida conservation

We will not allow our ecosystems and opportunities to be degraded.

Instead, let's face the problems we have and advocate for policy that fills our freezers, tightens our lines, and restores the ecosystem.

Ditch your frustration and join us on the path to full freezers and tight lines.